Mobilize! In defense of immigrants, for an alternative to capitalist politics.

The surprise victory of Trump signals a new level of assaults on immigrant workers in the United States, and through them, on the entire working class. It reveals the inability of the Democratic Party to function even as the “lesser evil” illusion so dear to the hearts of many on the left. To activists, this outcome poses the danger of escalating racist assaults, but at the same time the potential for a massive counter-mobilization and for the initiation, at long last, of a real alternative to capitalist politics.

The most immediate threat is to undocumented immigrants, particularly those In the “Deferred Action” (DACA) programs. Trump has repeatedly promised to end these young people’s working papers and to immediately detain and deport them and their families, some 2-3 million immigrants. He will have the power to do so as soon as he is sworn in, as the deferments were granted only by executive actions. While currently deportation procedures take time, detentions could begin at once, as could the revocation of work papers

Trump’s behavior is erratic, but there is little reason to expect he will hesitate to fulfill this particular election pledge, which involves no conflict with competing capitalist interest, unlike his trade-war vows. An all-out assault on immigrants would in fact befit wide swaths of employers by creating an increasingly desperate work-force.

The DACA program was won by a political mobilization of immigrant youth. There is every reason to believe that this coalition and a much broader one could be mobilized to fight ALL deportations. The spontaneous anti-Trump demonstrations, while unorganized, are evidence of the determination of people to act. What is needed is not a national mass demonstration, which can easily be ignored, but mobilization on the ground, locally and regionally to physically block detentions and deportation, as was done successfully in the Southwest in recent years. As mass mobilizations of abolitionists nullified Fugitive Slave laws in New England before the Civil War, so mass mobilizations today must nullify any attempt at mass detention.

The time to mobilize is NOW, in the two months before Trump is inaugurated. Immigrant rights, civil rights, peace, African- American and other organizations must as soon as possible set up meetings everywhere to plan Rapid Response Networks that can mobilize to block detentions and attempted deportations. ALL detentions and deportations must be blocked. When confronted with resolute opposition, Trump has shown that he will back down.

But any response to attacks on immigrants will have only limited and temporary effects unless at the same time we start NOW building a broad alternative to capitalist politics and power. The working class sorely lacks any effort to build a party the represents its interests not just at elections, but year-round, bringing the same program to every battle, in every place mobilizing the broadest layers in defense of common interests. In the face of capitalist racism, bigotry and misogyny, we need a PARTY FOR ALL .

The outline of the common program of such a broad-based, democratically-run party are already clear in demands that have been adopted at various times and places around the country and the world. There can be, and no doubt will be discussion over details, but in broad outline we can agree on three basic points:


A democratically-controlled federal public works and public service program to provide free education(through college), healthcare, housing, transportation and clean energy FOR ALL through direct government employment with good wages and reduced hours. Fund the program by taxing the wealthy and corporations, slashing weapons spending and ending US wars and occupations. Through this program, provide jobs and training FOR ALL who want them, including all immigrants and the formerly incarcerated.


Legalization FOR ALL who live here, equal rights FOR ALL, include the right to vote. End all deportation and detention without charge. End mass incarceration. Unconditional defense of the rights of women to control their bodies, and of the rights of all, regardless of race, religion, or any other distinction. Unlimited right to unionize, organize and strike.


Nationalization of all finance (banking, insurance, etc.) under democratic

It is not too early to begin building such a movement-based party to run candidates in state elections in 2017 and nationally in 2018. It is not too early to connect every struggle to a common program. Is this realistic? We must make it reality. What is not realistic is to continue to rely on the Democrats.

Eric Lerner
Jay Arena

International Luxemburgist Network
NJ May1/Jobs for All