Revolution in Tunisia and Egypt – Lessons on how to win

The revolution in the Arabic region that began in Tunisia and spread to Egypt — and will no doubt spread further — is the first major victory in reversing the assault on the world working class that intensified with the crash of ’08.

A Brief Wildcat Strike takes the Spanish Skies by Storm

Jobs for All, Legalization for All, a Massive Public Works Program

Appeal of the International Luxemburgist Network to the proletariat on May Day

"When the proletariat discovers that its own externalized power collaborates in the constant reinforcement of capitalist society, not only in the form of its labor but also in the form of unions, of parties, or of the state power it had built to emancipate itself, it also discovers from concrete historical experience that it is the class totally opposed to all congealed externalization and all specialization of power. It carries the revolution which cannot let anything remain outside of itself..."

Guy Debord, Society of the Spectacle, § 114

Declaration in the face of the repression of the Chilean Capitalist State

What is the International Luxemburgist Network? Why this organization now? (Statement of agreement)

What follows is the basic statement of the agreement approved by the members of the ILN. Anyone having a general agreement with can thus contact us and join the Network.

The International Luxemburgist Network is a new organization of militants who are in general agreement with the ideas of Rosa Luxemburg. Our aim, as members of the working class, is to help in the organizing of a world revolution to end capitalism, contributing our perspectives based on radical socialism and democracy.

Mass Strike N° 2

The Mass Strike Volume 1 Number 2, published December 2009, is now online. The .pdf version is attached below.

In this issue:

What is the International Luxemburgist Network? Why this organization now?

On the question of revolutionary organization : the case of the NPA in France

Like ears of corn under the rain : the unemployed councils multiply in Spain

On the Question of Revolutionary Organization: the Case of the NPA in France

Has Change Come to Post-Katrina New Orleans? Bush, Obama, and the First 100 Days


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