Workers Struggles Grow in France: Two Million on the Streets, Universities on Strike

The national general strike on Thursday, Jan 29 in France was a resounding success for the unions, left political parties and many other groups who called it, with some two million workers in the streets, equal to the largest of recent mobilizations. While in Paris the march of some 200,000 was not exceptionally large, the protests were very widespread, with major demonstrations in dozens of cities that have rarely seen such marches. Support for the strike in the opinion polls was high as well, with 70% of the French agreeing with the aims of the strike.

For a Worker’s Recovery Plan - The Causes and Cures of a New Great Depression

Collapse of global steel production

China: Factory workers, teachers, even police strike, occupy buildings

Eric Lerner

In November and December, workers protest has been accelerating across China as the economy spirals downward. In most cases, workers won concessions from a government worried that protests will escalate to challenge the Communist Party’s capitalist rule.

Time to Sit Down! Demand Socialization of Finance!

As in the US and France in 1936-37 and again in France in 1968, today Republic Windows and Doors workers in Chicago are showing the way to fight. With community support to prevent police action, seizing the workplace not only eliminates any possibly of scabbing or moving production, but poses a threat to the capitalists’ control over the economy. The immigrant rights, anti-war and labor movements need to provide all support not only to the Republic workers but to all workers who will follow in their lead and Sit Down to seize their workplaces.

For a united working class alternative. Shorter hours, not longer ! Open borders, not war on immigrants! Public housing and education for all, not privatization! Make the capitalists pay, not us!

The European Union has launched the biggest attack of its history against the working class. The 65-hour directive, the anti-immigrant directive, the Bolkestein directive and the Bologna Plan are part of single plan to reduce the cost of labor, to transfer wealth from labor to capital. If the work week is longer, and thus there are fewer jobs and more unemployed, wages are driven down. If immigrants are terrorized to the point that they feel they must take work at any wages, the wages of all are driven down.

Greeting to the International Immigrant Alliance Conference

In a world where capital can move freely across borders, humans have to risk their lives if they attempt to do so. Migrant workers throughout the world are being hunted down, humiliated, detained, and sometimes killed. The largest movement of migrant workers in the history of the earth is marked by a mass destruction of social welfare programs, attacks on workers rights and restriction on liberty and democracy.


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