Mass Strike Vol. 2 No. 1 - October 2013

Jobs for All, Legalization for All, a Massive Public Works Program

Appeal of the International Luxemburgist Network to the proletariat on May Day

"When the proletariat discovers that its own externalized power collaborates in the constant reinforcement of capitalist society, not only in the form of its labor but also in the form of unions, of parties, or of the state power it had built to emancipate itself, it also discovers from concrete historical experience that it is the class totally opposed to all congealed externalization and all specialization of power. It carries the revolution which cannot let anything remain outside of itself..."

Guy Debord, Society of the Spectacle, § 114

For a Worker’s Recovery Plan - The Causes and Cures of a New Great Depression

For a united working class alternative. Shorter hours, not longer ! Open borders, not war on immigrants! Public housing and education for all, not privatization! Make the capitalists pay, not us!

The European Union has launched the biggest attack of its history against the working class. The 65-hour directive, the anti-immigrant directive, the Bolkestein directive and the Bologna Plan are part of single plan to reduce the cost of labor, to transfer wealth from labor to capital. If the work week is longer, and thus there are fewer jobs and more unemployed, wages are driven down. If immigrants are terrorized to the point that they feel they must take work at any wages, the wages of all are driven down.

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